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Many website translation companies will offer you only one level of translation service. They will do your entire site to include content, meta data and images that have text imbedded (DTP). Some go even further by setting up an entirely new site for you in the foreign language. While this is very helpful if you have the budget, not all website owners need or want this level of complexity.

Translation agency “TraDos” offers you many different levels of professional website translation (localization) services — http://trados.com.ua/site.html. One of them will fit your needs and as with all of our services it will be… Accurate, On Time and Within Budget. We make it easy for you to Go Global with Confidence®!

Translation of Website Text (Content)

Our Text Only Website Translation is the most basic of our website translation services. It includes only the text (content) that you identify for translation, whether it is limited to your home page content or includes your entire website. Combine this service with our Price Conscious Translation Service and you have the most cost effective way to enter new markets.

Documents Accepted for Text Only Translation

Although we can extract content for you, the most cost effective method is to send us the content you want translated in one of the following acceptable formats:

Word Document

  • .doc
  • .docx

Text Document

  • .txt
  • .dot
  • .dtd
  • .faq
  • .rtf
  • .log


  • .xls
  • .xlsx

When you send us your content in an MS Word doc or Excel spreadsheet, we place your translated text right next to your source language making it very easy for you to identify the original and translated text and to insert into your website. We will also duplicate your formatting in the submitted document to facilitate the process.

Text Translation with Metadata

Some of the most important content on a website is the Meta Data, Title, Description and finally keywords. The title of your webpage and its description are fundamental to the way search engines rank website pages. Both, if written properly, will be listed in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) so they too become the primary means in persuading internet users to visit your website.

Therefore, we always recommend that the Meta Data be translated. The increase in cost is minimal compared to the benefits available from including this level of service into your plans. An even better alternative is to include our mSEO (Multilingual Search Engine Optimization) services giving your new foreign language website the best possible opportunity for success.

Meta Data for this level of service should be included into the document submitted for translation.

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